Pop Hunting: The Not So Super Variants #2

Welcome to issue #2 of Pop Hunting: The Not So Super Variants!

This week, Jordan and Chris discuss the new releases in Funko pops, what they're most excited for to come out of Emerald City Comic-Con, the New York Toy Fair, and the London Toy Fair, their most recent finds, and more!

With Emerald City being postponed, that doesn't mean the fun has to be! Be sure to go to Shop.Funko.com to pick up your ECCC exclusive Funko pops releasing 3/13 at 7 am and check your local Target, BAM!, and Barnes and Noble, because those exclusives are officially LIVE!!

For more information, go to the Funko website and check under their blogs!

Also, send Funko our way, we'd love to have them sponsor us!

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