Not So Super Stories Of The Final Gas Station

This week, we discuss Henry Cavil leaving his role as Superman and what it could mean for the DCEU. We also talk about a 21st Century Sandshark original comic series, Impossible Space Tales Of The Last Pit Stop! Created by author, illustrator, and publisher Dan Nokes, we're given a different side of the story of the well-known myth that is Area 51. With a well-balanced mix of humor, action, romance, and drama, this story gives a look into The Last Pit Stop, a one-stop-shop for all members of the galaxy (except for humans) and the lives of the people who work in it. If you've never heard of Dan Nokes or his stories, look him up and give them a read, it's completely worth it!

Dan Nokes:
Twitter: @21Sandshark
Instagram: @21sandshark
Facebook: Dan Nokes

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